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April Robbins, Stylist

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April Robbins, Stylist

I’m a junior stylist at Dolce Lusso Salon and Day Spa in Park Road shopping center. I’ve been with Dolce since 2015. I went to the Aveda institute Charlotte in south end right after high school in 2013. Following school I was accepted into Dolce’s prestigious protege program. I have taken numerous classes with some of Aveda’s top educators including Janelle Geason, Jimmy Girgenti, Jon Reyman, Dusty Rhodes and TJ DeMarco. I specialize in hair color, blonding services and balayage. I’m also certified in keratin complex treatments and cosmo hair extensions. My favorite Aveda product is our cherry almond shampoo and conditioner. It is very light and gives your hair the moisture that it needs. It also smells amazing! My favorite hair trend would have to be the “lived in” color. You can achieve this look by doing balayage, babylights and shadow root. It’s soft, natural and very low maintenance. It’s perfect for the girl who loves beachy/boho vibes.

Britt Dion, Stylist

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Britt Dion, Stylist

  • North American Artistic Director of Hairstyling
  • Aveda Hair Color Purefessional
  • Aveda Show Team Member
  • Director of Education, Lead Stylist Dolce Lusso Salon & Spa

Britt Dion, Director of Education and Lead Stylist, began her career in 1999. In the years that followed a two year training program, she has combined theory and practice with hours of continuing education in preparation to lead the education program and stylists at Dolce Lusso. She has trained with the likes of Lupe Voss, Allen Ruiz, Jon Reyman, Peter Gray, Ray Civello & Antoinette Benders to name a few.

As a well-respected Aveda Hair Color Purefessional and Aveda Show Team Member, Britt is a Lead Stylist for New York City & London Fashion Weeks. There she has styled hair for fashion design greats as, Elie Tahari, Betsey Johnson, Brandon Maxwell, Nautica, Badgley Miscka, Christian Siriano and Tibi, to name a few.

Britt has been fortunate to work as an educator for Aveda since 2009. Most recently she was named North American Artistic Director of Hairstyling. In her new role, she will develop in-person educational classes and educational video content, collaborate on regional trend forecasting, and more.

Since 2014 she has been doing a Live Hair segment monthly for WCCB’s New Rising. As well as being an On Air Contributor for their Live broadcast. Britt has been Lead Stylist for the Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders for 15 seasons, and a stylist to celebrities.

Aveda Courses

  • Hair Dream Extensions Certification – March 05′ Charlotte
  • Product Knowledge- Dec 05′ Charlotte
  • Seeds of preparation – Dec 05′
  • Learning Gardens – Dec 05′
  • Hair Color Systems – Jan 06′ Charlotte
  • Format Training – Mar 06′ Charlotte
  • Hair Color Collection Spring – 06′ Charlotte
  • Hair Care Performance – Apr 06′
  • Hair Color Solutions – May 06′ Charlotte
  • SkinCare / Makeup
  • Hair Color Collection Fall – 06′ Charlotte
  • Deep Dive – Oct 06′ Charlotte
  • Format Training – Jan 07′ Charlotte
  • Deep: Breaking The Rules – Jan 07′ Charlotte
  • Pure Foiling – March 07′ Charlotte
  • Hair Color Collection Spring – 07′ Charlotte
  • Head Mapping – Oct 07′ “Walter Claudio” Charlotte
  • Hair Color Collection Fall – 07′ Charlotte
  • Format Training – Jan 08′ Charlotte
  • Hair Spa – 08′ Charlotte
  • Head Mapping – March 08′ “Walter Claudio” Charlotte
  • Advanced Color – March 08′ “Jeffery Scott” Atlanta
  • Pureform – March 08′ ” Km Moore” Charlotte
  • Hair Color Collection Spring – 08′ Charlotte
  • 5X5 “The Stage” -June 08′ “Michael Baker” New Orleans
  • Hair Color Collection Fall – 08′ Charlotte
  • Hair Color Collection Spring – 09′ Charlotte
  • A Day with Ray – Aug 09′ “Ray Civello” Charlotte
  • Inspire. Create. Change. – Oct. 09′ “Jon Reyman & Gerard Scarpaci” NYC
  • Hair Cutting Collection Protfolio – Fall 09′ Charlotte
  • Core Cutting – Jan 10′ “Jon Reyman” – Myrtle Beach & Charlotte
  • Advanced Color – Feb 10′ ” Ian Michael Black” – Charlotte
  • Color Wise 1 – March 10′ “Laurel Allen-Fisher” “Kerry Billit” Charlotte
  • Advanced Color – April 10′ ” Dawn Schenk” – Myrtle Beach & Charlotte
  • Pureform – Jan 11′ ” Km Moore” Charlotte
  • Hair Color Magic Essentials – March 11′ “Jimmy Girgenti” Myrtle Beach & Charlotte
  • Train the Trainer (Cutting) – March 11′ “Allen Ruiz” Charlotte
  • Hair Color Magic – May 11′ “Lupe Voss” Charlotte
  • Color Wise 2 – June 11′ “Laurel Allen-Fisher” Charlotte
  • Hair Color Certification – Aug 11′ “Laurel Allen-Fisher, Amy , Wendy Prior” Charlotte
  • Jewels of the Earth Cutting Collection -Oct 11′ “Ricardo Dinis” Minneapolis
  • Jewels of the Earth Styling – Oct 11′ “Allen Ruiz” Minneapolis
  • Editorial Styling – Oct 11′ “Peter Gray, Randy Taylor, & Rudy Miles ” Minneapolis
  • Cherry Cordials – Oct 11′ “Jimmy Girgenti ” Charlotte
  • Deep Chocolate – Oct 11′ “Jimmy Girgenti ” Charlotte
  • Advanced Styling – Jan 12′ ” Jon Reyman ” Myrtle Beach & Charlotte
  • Innovative Cutting -March 12′ “Ricardo Dinis” Charlotte NC
  • Aveda Jam – May 12′ DC (assisted Jo McKay)
  • Scatagories – August 12′ “Jimmy Girgenti” Myrtle Beach & Charlotte
  • Neo Goth Collection -Oct 12′ Charlotte
  • Principles of Education – Nov 12′ “jimmy Girgenti” Alexandria
  • Razor Cutting Essentials – Nov 12′ “Tristan Morrison” Charlotte
  • Ageless Beauty – Jan13′ “Janelle Geason” Charlotte
  • Customized Bridal – Feb13′ “Janessa Pare” Myrtle Beach
  • Hair Cutting – March13′ “Daniel Holzberger” Myrtle Beach & Charlotte
  • Presentation Advantage – April13′ “Laurel Allen Fisher” Charlotte
  • Cultivate your Color – June13′ “Laurel Allen Fisher Charlotte
  • Six Figure Hairdresser – Sept 13′ “Harry Wood”
  • Advanced Cutting – Oct 13′ “Jon Reyman” Myrtle Beach & Charlotte
  • Aveda Business Forum – Feb14′ Charlotte
  • Fashion Week Rewind – March14′ “Geno Chapman” Charlotte
  • Hair Cutting – march 14′ ” Hauns Korpela” Myrtle Beach & Charlotte
  • Deep – March 14′ “Jimmy Girgenti Fort Mill
  • Principle of Design – April 14′ “Juan Perez” Myrtle Beach & Charlotte
  • Editorial Styling – May 14′ “Jon Reyman” LA
  • Advanced Editorial Styling – May 14′ ” Jon Reyman” LA
  • Men’s Modern Barbering – Aug 14′ “Timothy Howard” Charlotte
  • Texture 101 – Oct 14′ “Tippi Shorter” Atlanta
  • AAOR Core Cutting Essentials – Dec 14′ “Ricardo Dinis” Charlotte
  • Hair color – Jan 15′ “Jimmy Girgenti” Myrtle Beach
  • Aveda Business Forum – March 15′ Charlotte
  • Pure Blonding – July 15′ “Jimmy Girgenti” Charlotte
  • Celebrate Curl Charisma -May 15′ “Tippi Shorter” Charlotte
  • Aveda Business Forum – Aug 15′ Charlotte ( Presented Dry Shampoo)
  • Hair color – July 15′ “Jimmy Girgenti ” Charlotte
  • Grasping the Grey: Hair Color Magic – Sept 15′ “Lupe Voss” Charlotte
  • Balayage Techniques : Hair Color Magic – Sept 15′ “Lupe Voss” Charlotte
  • Texture, Taper -Feb 16′ “Dusty Rhodé” Charlotte
  • Women’s Short Cutting- March 16’ “Juan Perez” – Charlotte
  • Texture 101 – July 16’ Tippi Shorter – Charlotte
  • Beyond Texture- July 16’ “Tippi Shorter” -Charlotte
  • Best Year Ever- July 16’ “Jimmy Girgenti”- Charlotte
  • Beyond Balayage – Jan 17’ “Jimmy Girgenti” – Charlotte
  • Core Cutting – March 17’ “ Juan Perez” – Charlotte
  • Baseworks – May 17’ “Dusty Rhode” – Charlotte
  • Demi + – Sept. 17’ “Aveda Corporate” – Minneapolis
  • Color Mastery Series 2- March 18’ “Jimmy Girgenti” – Charlotte
  • Train the Trainer Dolce – May 18’ “Tom Smith” – Charlotte

Aveda Advanced Academy Courses

  • Inspire. Create. Change. – Oct. 09′ “Jon Reyman & Gerard Scarpaci”
  • Runway Styling – Jan 10′ “Jon Reyman”
  • Advanced Runway Styling – July 10′ “Jon Reyman”
  • Hair Color Magic – Oct 10′ “Lupe Voss”
  • Shapes: Hair Color Magic – May 11′ “Lupe Voss”
  • Color Categories: Hair Color Magic – Nov 11′ ” Lupe Voss”
  • Balayage Basics – May 15′ “Ian Micheal Black”
  • Customized Cutting – May 15′ “Ricardo Dinis”

Industry Shows

  • Serious Business – New Orleans June 07′
  • Master Jam – Atlanta – March 08′
  • Serious Business – New Orleans June 08′
  • Master Jam – Miami Oct 08′
  • Unplugged – May 09′ Charlotte
  • Congress – Oct 11′
  • Aveda Jam -Atlanta – Oct 12′ (Supported Jon Reyman)
  • Aveda Jam – DC – May 12′ (Supported Jo McKay)
  • Serious Business – New Orleans Jan 14′
  • Congress – Oct 13′ (Supported Jon Reyman)
  • Serious Business – New Orleans Jan15′
  • Congress – Oct 15′ (Supported Antoinette Beenders)
  • Aveda Jam – Charlotte – March 18’ -Artist
  • Congress – Oct 18′ (Supported Antoinette Beenders)

Classes I have facilitated
At Dolce Lusso we have a several Educational Programs. Our Protégé Program is 30 weeks. Class is held every Monday. This
includes 12 cut, 12 color, and 6 styling classes. We also have a Continuing Education Program. These classes are held once a
month. These classes are in every domain and are more advanced. They are designed to keep our on the floor stylist up to date on
current trends as well as to sharpen their tools. As the Director of Education I am required to attend 80% of these and to facilitate 50% of them.

I am also Certified to teach are below as follows Aveda Classes. I have taught each class on various occasions.

  • Hair Color Systems
  • Hair Color Solutions
  • Full Spectrum Deep Systems
  • Full Spectrum Deep Fusion
  • Botanical Therapy
  • Color Talk
  • Balayage Basis
  • Beyond Balayage

Additional Professional Experience

New York Fashion Week S/S11- Sept ’10

  • Elie Tahari
  • Argentine Group
  • Marisol Henriques
  • AAU
  • Museum of Modern Art Oct ’10 NYC
  • Cynthia Rowley
  • Mark Jacobs

New York City Fashion Week F/W11- Feb ’11

  • Althea Harper
  • AAU

Fashion Democracy – May ’11– Lead Stylist

Fashions Night Out – Sept ’11 Charlotte

  • Metropolitan
  • Her Therapy – Lead

New York Fashion Week S/S12 – Sept ’11

  • Designers Collective
  • Argentine Group
  • Sherri Hill

Charlotte NC Fashion Week – Sept ’11 Charlotte – Lead Stylist

  • Alice Andrews
  • Bill Evens
  • Janie G.
  • Alana B.
  • Julkee Fashions
  • Tsevety
  • Cory Couture

New York Fashion Week F/W12 – Feb. ’12

  • Betsey Johnson
  • Colin Cowie Reality Show
  • AAU
  • Gulietta
  • Daphne Guinness

New York Fashion Week S/S13 – Sept ’12

    • Callula Lillibelle
    • Supima


  • Sherri Hill – Lead
  • Jackie Christie
  • NAHM
  • Richard Chai (Aveda Corp. Show)
  • FNO Braid Bar @ Madewell (Aveda corporate)
  • Mason Sylvester
  • Designers Collective
  • Anna Francesca
  • Negris Lebrum
  • Betsey Johnson
  • SuPima
  • Charlotte Ronson (Aveda Corporate)
  • Marimekko (Aveda Corporate)
  • AZ


New York Fashion Week F/W13 – Feb. 13

  • Althea Harper
  • Porsche -Co Lead (Allen Ruiz)
  • Designers Review
  • We Rep Premiere
  • Assembly New York
  • Boast
  • Titania Inglis
  • Nautica
  • Marlon Gobel – Lead
  • Designers Premiere
  • Creatures of Comfort
  • Christian Siriano ( Aveda Corporate)

New York Fashion Week S/S14 – Sept ’13

  • ViFiles
  • Supima
  • Ann Yee (Aveda Corporate)
  • Rodejar
  • Parke & Ronen
  • AAU
  • Leeanne Marshall – Lead
  • Designers Collective – Lead
  • Carlos Alberto – Lead
  • Designers Review -Lead
  • Designers Premier – Lead
  • Marlon Gobel -Lead
  • Concept Korea
  • Steven Alan
  • Anna Francesca
  • Osklen (Aveda Corporate)

New York Fashion Week F/W14 – Feb. ’14

  • Nicholas K
  • Araks
  • Rodejar
  • AAU
  • Scarred Heart Collections -Lead
  • Isabella Barrett -Lead
  • Michael Costello -Lead
  • Leeanne Marshall -Lead
  • Designers Premier – Lead
  • Designers Collective -Lead
  • Concept Korea
  • Skingraft
  • Steven Alan
  • B Michael
  • Novis (Aveda Corporate)

AAU Graduation Show – May ’14 San Francisco

New York Fashion Week S/S15- Sept 14

  • Richard Chai
  • Nicholas K
  • Steven Alan
  • Leeanne Marshall -Lead
  • Russell Simmons -Lead
  • AAU
  • B Michael
  • Novis
  • Marlon Gobel -Lead
  • Ann Yee
  • Parke & Ronen
  • Porsche
  • Anna Francesca -Lead
  • Osklen
  • Jay Godfrey -Lead
  • Grungy Gentlemen
  • Nicole Miller
  • Amir Taghi -Lead
  • Tibi
  • Angola Designers -Lead
  • Nike Kids Rock! – Lead
  • Concept Korea
  • Salute the Soldiers -Lead
  • A Moi
  • Designers Review -Lead
  • Designers Collective -Lead

Milan Fashion Week S/S15- Sept 14

  • Nicholas K

New York Fashion Week F/W15 -Feb 15

  • VFiles – Lead
  • Nicholas K
  • Duckie Brown
  • Nike Kids Rock! – Lead
  • Concept Korea
  • Novis
  • NBA Fashion Gala – Lead
  • AAU
  • Primitive – Lead
  • Public School (Aveda Corporate)
  • Grungy Gentleman – Lead
  • Negris Lebrum – Lead
  • Ovadia & Sons
  • Haribson
  • Skingraft
  • Marlon Global -Lead
  • Leanne Marshall -Lead
  • Dorin Negrau

Carolina Harerra Bridal Show – April ’15 NYC

New York Fashion Week S/S 16 – Sept. ’15

  • Whit
  • Gen Art- Lead
  • VFiles
  • Leanne Marshall
  • Creatures of Comfort
  • Kids Rock Live! – Lead
  • WeDu
  • Idan Cohen
  • Kye
  • Primitv World – Lead
  • AAU
  • Skingraft
  • Tenby
  • Chari Boni

New York City Fashion week F/W 16 Feb ’16

  • Rubin Singer
  • Paul Andrew – Lead
  • Kids Rock Live – Lead
  • Fashion Hong Kong – Lead
  • Leanne Marshall (Aveda Corporate)
  • Novis
  • Francesca Libatore
  • Jenny Packham (Aveda Corporate)
  • Chari Boni
  • Kur Collection -Lead
  • I am Kreyol – Lead
  • Naeem Khan
  • Dan Lui
  • Nicopanda

New York City Fashion Week S/S 17 – Sept ’16

  • Charles Youssef
  • Hellessy
  • Tibi (Aveda Corporate)
  • Tome (Aveda Corporate)
  • Concept Korea
  • Greedilous
  • Nike Kids Rock- Lead
  • Leanne Marshall (Aveda Corporate)
  • Chromat
  • Paul Andrew – Lead
  • AAU
  • Pyer Moss
  • Storm – Lead
  • Lavanya –Lead
  • Chiara Boni
  • Assembly-Lead

New York City Fashion Week F/W17 – Feb 17

  • Nicholas K
  • Collina Strada
  • Christian Cowan
  • Tibi (Aveda Corporate)
  • Concept Korea
  • Tome (Aveda Corporate)
  • Storm-Lead
  • Badgley Mischka
  • CG
  • Leanne Marshall
  • Chiara Boni
  • Fashion Hong Kong
  • Vivianne Tam
  • Nike Kids Rock – Lead
  • Assembly -Lead
  • Nico Panda

London Fashion Week F/W17 – Feb 17

  • Teatum Jones
  • PPQ
  • Paula Knorr
  • Rein

New York City Fashion Week S/S 18 – Sept ’17

  • Badgley Mischka
  • Sachin & Babi
  • Assembly -Lead
  • Supima
  • Tibi (Aveda Corporate)
  • Sechs Element
  • Concept Korea
  • Area
  • Nico Panda
  • A Datcher
  • AAU
  • Vivianne Tam
  • Leeanne Marshall
  • Addition Elle
  • Maj Design – Lead
  • Chiara Boni
  • Klad Apparel- Lead
  • Zula Studio -Lead
  • Bradelis- Lead
  • Nicole Bell- Lead
  • Kate Atelier- Lead

London Fashion Week S/S18- Sept. ’17

  • Nico Panda
  • Teatum Jones
  • Steven Tai
  • Huishan Zhang

New York Fashion Week F/W 18- Feb ’18

    Fashion Hong Kong

  • Concept Korea
  • A Detacher
  • Yajun
  • Chiara Boni
  • Leeanne Marshall
  • KES
  • Tibi (Aveda Coporate)
  • Tome (Aveda Coporate)
  • Badgley Mischka
  • Linder
  • Esteban Cortzar

London Fashion Week F/W18 – Feb ’18

  • Osman
  • Steven Tai
  • Delpozo- Co Lead
  • Nico Panda
  • Xu Zhi
  • Judy Wu -Lead

New York City Fashion Week S/S 19 – Sept ’18

  • Supima
  • Indonesian Diversity
  • Fusha
  • AAU
  • Bevza – Lead
  • CFD – Lead
  • Yajun
  • Chiara Boni
  • LUI Youg

London Fashion Week S/S19- Sept. ’18

  • Nicopanda
  • Delpozo – Lead
  • Xiao Li
  • Marta Jakubowski
  • Steven Tai

New York Fashion Week F/W 19- Feb ’19

  • Brandon Maxwell – Aveda Lead
  • Chiara Boni
  • Badgley Mischka
  • Lawerence and Chico – Lead
  • Yuna Yang- Lead
  • Phillip Lim
  • Studio 189
  • Yajun

London Fashion Week F/W19 – Feb ’19

  • Marta Jakubowski

Christian Hathaway, Stylist

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Christian Hathaway, Stylist

Education & Experience
I obtained my cosmetology license in 2009 from the AVEDA Institute of Charlotte where I was chosen for both the Edwin Neill Full Potential Award as well as the PBA Beacon winner based on both artistic accomplishment and commitment to the styling industry. Since 2010 I’ve enjoyed working at Dolce Lusso while continuing to advance my skills and knowledge through education with a focus on creative cutting and advanced hair color techniques. My clientele is just as diverse as my skill set… I’m not only proficient in women’s cut and color- I have also mastered a variety of services for men and children.

About Me:
Since I was a young child I’ve been drawn to the creative arts. After nine years of managing a clothing store, I knew I needed a greater outlet for my artistic expression and creativity. As a hair stylist, I enjoy attending advanced education classes to help expand my talent and keep up to date on current trends. I like to both help clients maintain their classic look as well as help them change things up with a more dramatic, edgy look. Outside of work I channel my creative energy into making music, painting, and DJing at different venues around town. I look forward to meeting you and collaborating with you to help personalize a style to suit your needs.

Favorite Aveda Product: Style prep smoother

Christine Ciesla, Stylist

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Christine Ciesla, Stylist

Education and Experience
Aveda Institute Charlotte 2010. Continuing education in various advanced color and cutting classes with Aveda Corporation top Purefessionals!

Specialties: Versed in color, highlights, cutting, blowouts and known for a great head massage!

Favorite Aveda Product: Volumizing Tonic, Smooth Infusion Style Prep

Cynthia Romero, Stylist

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Cynthia Romero, Stylist

Education and Experience

  • I have been in the beauty industry since 2016
  • Graduated from the Aveda Institute Charlotte in 2017
  • Joined the Dolce Team in October 2017
  • Completed Dolce Lusso’s Protege Program (30 weeks) directed by Brittany Dion
  • I’ve traveled to Los Angeles amongst other cities for advanced makeup training
  • Trained by Aveda’s finest makeup, haircolor and cutting educators
  • Published as a makeup and hairstylist on “Lividity Magazine”
  • Makeup artist for the Carolina Panthers TopCat team
  • Completed Cosmo Hair by Cosmopolitan Magazine Extensions Class
  • I have done makeup for the morning show Rising on WCCB
  • Participated at the All Star Celebrity Kids Fashion Show as a makeup artist

Blondes, balayages, & makeup
My passion is editorial work. Photoshoots, runways, special effects makeup etc.

Favorite Aveda Product: My favorite Aveda skincare product is the tulasāra bright concentrate. It gets rid of dark spots and gives your skin a more even, radiant skin tone

Fun Fact: I speak Spanish, I love fashion/makeup & I live for fruit bowls!

Glenn Cody, Stylist

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Glenn Cody, Stylist

Education & Experience:
– I graduated from the AVEDA Institute here in Charlotte, April of 2018, where I was awarded Valedictorian of my graduating class. While in school I attended many Hair/Fashion Shows; Catwalk for Water (2017), Breast Cancer Awareness Hair Show (2017), Catwalk for Water (2018), Repurposed Fashion Show (2018). I was also selected as the cutting specialist in the Edwin Neill Full Potential Competition (2018). Upon starting my career with Dolce Lusso, I have taken many continuing education classes; Full Spectrum Deep Color, Face-to-Face, Advanced Face-to-Face, and Bridal Makeup classes, along with Intro to AVEDA Skincare and Cosmopolitan Hair Extensions.

Specialties and Fun Facts
– I really enjoy short haircuts, I.e. pixie/lixie, and creative colors. My favorite AVEDA product is Control Paste, it has the perfect amount of hold and flexibility. A fun fact about me, I am a HUGE Theatre and Band geek. WICKED is my most favorite musical of ALL TIME, I have two tattoos dedicated to it in fact. In high school I was in our marching and concert band and can play 7 different instruments. I was also the lead role of my small town’s, Alma, GA, first live musical, “Back to the 80s” in which I had to rock a rat-tail (don’t judge me it was for the cause). Today in modern hair cuts I LOVE a bold bowl cut, yes I said a bowl cut.

Lindsey Tracey, Stylist

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Lindsey Tracey, Stylist


Extension Educator

Education and Experience

  • licensed since 2008
  • Graduated from the cosmetology program at the Aveda institute DC.
  • Color educator and lead extension educator/specialist with Dolce Lusso
  • Attended styling/runway classes in NY and styled hair at NY Fashion week
  • Dolce Lusso has also given me so many educational opportunities/classes in house and throughout the country with renowned educators in the Aveda community.

Specialties: color, especially blondes, balayage, and hair extensions!

Favorite Aveda product: thickening tonic! It gives so much volume and body!

Meredith Berrey, Stylist

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Meredith Berrey, Stylist

Education & Experience:
Aveda Institute, Career began in 2007

Specialty: short cuts and balayage

Favorite Aveda Product: Sap Moss Shampoo

Fun Fact: plays video games

Michelle Leskody, Stylist

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Michelle Leskody, Stylist

Assistant Director of Education

Senior Educator

Education & Experience:
Michelle started her career in 2011. After gaining her Cosmetology license, she entered Dolce Lusso’s Training program. Upon completion she achieved her dream of working as a stylist on the floor. She has done so with much success as she now enjoys a full book of happy guests.

Michelle has always strived to elevate her craft. She does so by attending regular advanced education. She has trained under the likes of Jon Reyman, Lupe Voss, Ricardo Dinis, and Jimmy Girgenti to name a few. She has also been a permanent fixture in the Carolina Panther TopCat’s locker room for the past 7 seasons. There she helps lead a team of stylist in creating beautiful game day hair and makeup.

Her consistent drive and ambition has elevated her craft to new heights. As a senior educator Michelle now passes her love of education onto our up & coming stylist. She does so by supporting our education program and teaching the classes she once took herself. She enjoys sharing her passion for the industry with others.

Specialties: Custom Color, Balayage, Short hair Cuts, and she loves precision cutting.

Pinelopi Karagounis, Stylist

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Pinelopi Karagounis, Stylist

Education + Years of Experience:
Aveda Institute and worked with Aveda since 2009.

Specialties: Highlights, Keratin, long layers and curly hair

Favorite Aveda Product: Phomollient

Fun Fact: I’m a philatelist and HUGE animal lover

Scot Collins, Stylist

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Scot Collins, Stylist

Education + Years of Experience:
Aveda educated stylist since 1994

Specialties: Excellent and highly skilled with all aspects of hair cutting, coloring, and styling.

Favorite Aveda Product: Phomollient

Fun Fact: Avid baseball and hockey fan

Favorite Hair Trend: All the new trends with braiding and special occasion styling.

Tracy Roberts, Stylist

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Tracy Roberts, Stylist

Senior Stylist & Junior Educator
Gardner Webb University
Hair styling Institute of Charlotte
25 + years experience as a Barber/Stylist
Hair and Makeup Artist for theater productions 15 + years
Worked with several Miss North Carolina and Miss America contestants
New York Fashion Week
Aveda Ambassador
Aveda continuing education classes with Ian Micheal Black, Jon Reyman, Jimmy Girgenti, TJ Demarco, Fawn Monique and countless other Aveda educators.
Runway Styling, Advanced Runway, Advanced Color classes, Cutting Classes, Styling, and Makeup classes

Specialties: Color, Cutting, Highlights, Updos, Styling and Men’s Cuts
Favorite Aveda Product: it’s hard to choose one, my favorite is “Volumizing Tonic”

Fun Fact: I love Walt Disney World and Disneyland and everything Disney. It’s our favorite Family Vacation!!! First time I went to Disney was in 1972 and it was Brand New.

Favorite Hair Trend: I always love the classics and Hollywood Glam looks.

TraVonn Harris, Stylist

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TraVonn Harris, Stylist

Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, truly believes “home is where the heart is.” Being a past waiter, TraVonn or “Tray” believes SERVICE over EVERYTHING…hence the TRAY way..

Specialties are natural hair protective styling, loc grooming and styling but he loves a good balayage or a nice precision haircut tailor-made to fit your need. Skilled in all hair types and textures, with a background in theatre and the heart of a server…..after a session with Tray you will surely feel refreshed…replenished and revamped PERIOD!

Loves Beyonce, Cherry Cheesecake and Adult Swim cartoons. Enjoys all types of music depending on the mood and has a quick witty response to everything that lightens any mood. When asked “what’s your favorite thing to do?” Tray’s response…”Hair PERIOD”

Van Huynh, Stylist

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Van Huynh, Stylist

Education & Experience:
Aveda trained 1 year

Specialties: Loves all aspects of hair!

Favorite Aveda Product: Thickening Tonic

Fun Fact: I have been told my head massages are the best in town!

Favorite Hair Trend: Balayage because of all of the different techniques from natural to super dimensional!