Manicures + Pedicures

Nail Care Service

Our nail services are designed not only for beautiful nails, but also to give relaxation and rejuvenation for stressed hands and feet. Aromatic waters, velvety creams and vibrant colors will instantly lift your spirits while helping you maintain perfect grooming.


A nail treatment that includes nail shaping, cuticle (and callus) care, a soothing soak, application of Aveda Hand or Foot Relief lotion, and buffing to a shine or polish of choice.

Manicure - 30 Minutes..... $25.00

Pedicure - 30 Minutes..... $40.00



An extremely relaxing treatment that will bring our spa techniques into the nail care experience. Truly relaxing, it promotes natural nail growth, exfoliates rough dry skin, hydrates and moisturizes. Add to essential nail care, exfoliation, a mask with warm towels for re-hydration, moisturizing and tension-relieving massage for the hands and arms or legs and feet.

Manicure - 60 Minutes..... $35.00

Pedicure - 45 Minutes..... $52.00



A more luxurious nail care experience with superior exfoliation and hydration for the hands or feet using a premier Aveda product line. This treatment is ideal for anyone wanting maximum moisturizing effects, a more relaxing treatment and a truly indulging experience. It is great for arthritis sufferers and promotes better circulation. These services are completed with an individual Perfect Sense Paraffin treatment to completely pamper yourself in the luxurious warmth of paraffin to seal moisture into the skin after nail care, exfoliation and massage.

Manicure - 75 Minutes..... $45.00

Pedicure - 60 Minutes..... $65.00


Especially for Men

This manicure is a hand treatment that includes nail shaping, cuticle care, an application of Aveda Hand Relief lotion, and buffing to a shine. This pedicure begins with a softening foot soak and is accompanied with nail grooming, callus reduction, soothing foot and leg massage with Aveda Foot Relief lotion and a buff or clear finish polish (optional).

Sport Manicure - 45 Minutes..... $22.00

Sport Pedicure - 30 Minutes..... $35.00


Ala Carte Menu

14 Day Wear. No Dry Time. Mirror Finish.
French add $5.00

$15.00 Add-On-Service

Polish Change
French, American, or Metallic Tip Polish add $5.00

Nail Art/Gems
$1.00 - $5.00/nail


Perfect Sense Paraffin

Allow 30 minutes (Included in all Luxury treatments)
This is a luxurious way of getting your hands and feet pampered. The nice thing about this product is that they are completely sanitary. Each Perfect Sense Paraffin session comes complete with paraffin glove and bootie to guarantee personal, individual treatments to ensure you feel safe, pampered and special while receiving a calming or invigorating aroma therapy.


Personal Paraffin Treatments

Continue pampering yourself or someone else by purchasing our retail paraffin kit. Each kit contains 4 full treatments (8 gloves or 8 booties containing paraffin), Aroma Therapy packets to be used each time and 4 heating packs. No electricity is needed and it can be done in the comfort of your own home or any where you choose for that matter.
$40.00 Kit

Available in invigorate or calming lavender


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