Yell with Your Eyes!

By: Glenn Cody

            The eyes are perhaps my favorite part of the entire look. They’re always the first thing everyone notices, and the last impression left in someone’s mind.

            How to approach the eyes can be a little daunting. For instance, are you wanting to accentuate/complement your eye color, do you want to complement your outfit, what kind of lip colors do you normally gravitate to, are you wanting to go more natural or FULL SHABAM GLAM. (See it’s a lot to think about!!!)!!

Ready for art class? (I’m holding back from going TOOOO far down the rabbit hole so forgive me LOL)

            Colors are divided into the following:

Warm Tones: reds, oranges, and yellows

Cool Tones: blues, violets, and greens

Neutral Tones: black, grey, and white (these shades look good on EVERYBODY!)

   Can these things live within each other? ABSOLUTELY!

  Complementary colors: colors across from each other on the color wheel (Blue and Orange, Red and Green, Yellow and Violet)

 Analogous colors: color scheme adjacent to each other on the color wheel (Blue, Blue-Violet, and Violet would be an example)

            Now how do I take these into account when doing my eye makeup? (…hold please your answer is on the way…)

           The look that you are going for will affect the color scheme you are going to use.

            To make your eye color stand out, go with colors that complement your eyes.

*Brown eyes use cool or neutral tones.

*Blue and Green eyes use warm or neutral tones.

*Grey or Hazel eyes you do what you want because ya’ll poppin REGARDLESS and I am jealous of you!

            To accentuate your outfit, go with colors that are analogous to your outfit.

            See, it’s not that hard after you answer a few initial questions.

            AVEDA has made things easier with their Petal Essence Eye Color Trios, a three toned shadow range divided into warm, cool, and neutral colors. Each trio contains a highlight, contour and define shade that makes a color story.

            We also have the Petal Essence Single Eye Colors that you can use to create your own eye shadow palette to suit your needs, or to be used in conjunction with the eye trios. (and just a little F.Y.I. some of these single shadows make for really good highlighters!)

            Petal Essence Eye Definers are pencil eye liners that help with definition (hence the name). They are also a very good for your eye shadows.

Our Brow Definers are relatively new. Four different cool toned shades, from light blonde to dark brown, to help you get that perfect brow shape.

            Last but not least, in the realm of eyes we have the Mosscara. This is funny word play that I live for! It’s mascara but is made from Icelandic Moss (if you know about our Sap Moss shampoo and conditioner you already know how great that stuff is)!

            Now all of this is an introduction to the world of AVEDA make-up, remember that.

In a later blog, I will address different techniques on application of our different products.

And as always, our stylists at Dolce Lusso LOVE to talk all thing beauty! Stop into any of our FIVE locations and ask all your questions!

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