AVEDA Has Make-up?

By: Glenn Cody

{Picture it…Charlotte, NC…2019}
Guest: (walks into salon to browse products) Oh wow! I didn’t know you guys had make-up!
Us: (silent subconscious scream of confusion) Yes! You haven’t tried it yet?

Now we all know and love AVEDA hair care, RIIIGHT, but let’s take a minute to focus on AVEDA Make-up.


I’ve compiled a whole lot of need-to-know information on the make-up aspect of AVEDA. Let’s start with what’s in our make-up and, more importantly, WHAT’S NOT in our make-up.

The majority of our ingredients come from different cultures and indigenous tribes around the world. In reciprocity for their goods, AVEDA provides them with essential living needs, whether it be monetary, housing, or easier fresh-water sources. (check out the story behind our special holiday gift wrap…WARNING, IT’S A TEAR JERKER)

With a lot of cosmetic companies diving into the idea of cruelty-free, it’s important to distinguish what sets us apart:

Main Ingredients in OTHER COMPANIES:

Petroleum, Parabens, DEA, MEA, TEA, Propylene Glycol, & Formaldehyde.

Main Ingredients in AVEDA:

Mica, Tourmaline, Organic Bee’s Wax, Mint, Vanilla, Ginger, Blueberry, & Mango.


Why are other cosmetic companies’ ingredients bad you may ask? Let me break it down: Petroleum – what gasoline, for your motor vehicles, is derived from (because you know everyone wants to put gas on their face)
Parabens – chemical compound for preservation, linked to hormone dysfunctions, and may be linked to various cancers (with just smog alone the risk of cancers are too high so why not just add to that risk by putting a link to cancer on your skin)
DEA, MEA, TEA – gives products creamy/foamy consistencies, also linked to cancer
Propylene Glycol – associated with dermatitis and hives after prolonged exposure (hives always reminds me of the biblical story of Moses and one of the 10 Plagues of Egypt: Boils and Sores…NO THANK YOU!!!)
Formaldehyde – embalming fluid anyone? (do I really need to even say anything to accompany that)

So what about the AVEDA ingredients?
Mica – naturally occurring mineral used in powders for its subtle shimmer
Tourmaline – semi-precious stone used for its varying colors
Organic Bees Wax – not the honey, but the stuff the honey and larvae are attached to (I know gross, but it’s the best I got)
Mint – mojitos anyone?!
Vanilla – vanilla ice cream…mmmmmm!
Ginger – ginger snaps
Blueberry – I have no clever association for this other than Alma, Ga, a.k.a. Blueberry Capital of Georgia (look it up, it’s a real place, it’s my hometown LOL)
Mango – mango sorbet…YUUUUUMMMM!

Horst Rechelbacher, founder of AVEDA, was even quoted saying, “If you wouldn’t drink or eat it, why would you use it on your body.”

Our mission statement with AVEDA declares, “…care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society.”

Ok…but what does all of that have to do with make-up and putting it on my skin? Not polluting the atmosphere is just as essential as not polluting our bodies with artificial derivatives that will, in turn, be absorbed back into the Earth.

If you’ve learned a few things about what makes AVEDA Make-up different stay tuned! There’s still more great things to come; hopefully, by the end of this blog series, you will have learned a few things to keep you up-to-date with all things beauty and self-care.