Top 3 Must Have Aveda Products for On the Go!

Top 3 Must Have Aveda Products for On the Go!

Top 3 Must Have Aveda Products for On the Go!

by Samantha McEvory

Our teams pride themselves with our extensive training in product knowledge which means we ADORE our Aveda products. When Aveda becomes a part of your everyday routine, it is hard to decide which ones to bring on the go! The service providers at the Myrtle Beach location gave us an idea of the best of the best products for travel.

1. Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo was almost something everyone said when I asked what they bring on the go. This product is great for getting a couple days out of your hair if you are too busy to wash it. Just simply shake the bottle, open the cap, squeeze out some powder and massage it into your scalp until you get your desired look.

2. Following your dry shampoo, Aveda’s Shampure Thermal Conditioner not only softens but protects from heat if you want to re-style your hair or touch up your curls. This product is great for detangling and protecting your hair without making it greasy and it smells amazing!

A BETTER BLOW DRY AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT! Time is a nonrenewable resource—you might even call it a luxury. Fortunately, Speed of Light™ Blow Dry Accelerator Spray gives you the gift of time. This 90% naturally derived primer cuts blow-drying time and reduces breakage from blow-drying by 93%. It has a low-pH formula, which helps smooth and seal the cuticle to allow for enhanced fiber separation, increasing air flow around the fibers to help decrease drying time. Hair is left smooth, soft and static-free— perfectly primed for styling. Studies show blow-drying time is the number one long-hair challenge for 8 in 10 women. And 7 in 10 Millennial women wear their hair long.


Texture Tonic is great product to create that “effortlessly undone” look. Simply spray some into damp hair and style with a curling wand or diffuser and finish with Air Control hairspray to get that perfect beachy look which none of the hassle! Stop in to any of our locations to pick up one (or all) of these time saving products!>/p>